Come Pitch Me... at VMworld

Like many of you out there, when I was a VMware customer, I always wanted to be able to tell them the great ideas I had for their software. Well, if you’re coming to VMworld US or EU I would like you to pitch those ideas to me!

We would love to hear your thoughts on our software (good and bad), what you think we should be concentrating on or even what cool new feature you think we should build.

In the end, we build this software to make your lives easier, so tell me how we can better serve you and what your company really needs. It will be a first come / first serve basis, just fill out the form and I’ll contact you with a confirmed time and location we can meet-up.

So you want to be VMware Certified?

Over the past few months I've received a number of requests asking for advice on how to get started down the VMware certification path. The below is part of my usual response to these kinds of requests.

Once you have completed the required Install, Configure, Manage course, I would recommend the following extra steps:

  1. Study the VCP-DV blueprint, highlight the areas that you don't feel 100% comfortable with.
  2. Watch the vBrownBag study guides on for the areas you highlighted and need to brush up on:
  3. Use a real lab (or download AutoLab: to test your knowledge of the entire blueprint.
  4. Sit the exam!

Once you have acquired the VCP-DV certification you can move onto the advanced certification series (VCAP) and like the VCP, you can specialize in DC, Cloud or EUC. I would use the exact same methodology as above with the VCAP exams as well.

 I hope you find this useful, please share your own methods in the comments below.